The HMS Mobility Forum - Experts in Discourse 


I was particularly impressed by the commitment, the intensive exchange of experiences and the fruitful discussions across all higher education sectors and disciplinary boundaries in the seven subject area groups of the participatory process on which HMIS2030 is based.  


For me, aim 1 in particular, with its comprehensive and integrative approach to internationalisation, reflects this process by focusing on the acquisition of international and intercultural competences for all university staff and the establishment of a corresponding university culture.  


The aim is clear, the path to it diverse, as the best practice examples prove.

Gabriele Abermann
National EHEA expert, as a member of the HMS Steering Committee one of the persons responsible for the content coordination of the thematic field groups

Strategic process support

    Ursula Hillbrand Salonhosting


Content-related process support

    Gabriele Abermann EHR expert and former Vice Rector of FH Salzburg

    Margarita Calderón-Peter nominated by the Forum Internationales of uniko, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna


Process coordination and execution

    Eva Uthe BMBWF


Find here those higher education experts who were involved in the HMS Mobility Forum and the subject area groups


Subject area group 1 

Internationalisation of the curriculum



    Eva Werner IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

    Margarita Calderón-Peter University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (Boku)

Liaison Officer

    Stephan De Pasqualin BMBWF - Departement IV/4


Augustin   Elisabeth      University of Graz    Teaching and study services
Bauer   Thomas    PH Wien - University College of Teacher Education Vienna  Erasmus+ Coordinator
Bernhard   Andrea    Graz University of Technology  Head of Assistance Vice Rectorate Teaching
Buffa   Elena    Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt  Head of the International Office
Caldéron-Peter       Margarita    University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna  Head of the Center for International Relations (ZIB)
De Pasqualin   Stephan    BMBWF  Liaison Officer
Dusek   Christian    FH Wr. Neustadt - University of Applied Sciences  Head of the FH-Collegium
Fattinger   Elisabeth    FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences  

Senior Lecturer, International Coordinator

(study programs dietetics, occupational therapy)

Germ   Monika    Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt  Bologna-Coordinator
Grabner   Peter    Graz University of Technology  Chairman of the Curricula Commission of the Senate for Bachelor and Master Studies
Hoffmann   Anja    University of Graz  International Relations Office
Jakits   Reinhard    Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance (AQA)   International Relations Office
Jöbstl   Michael    Graz University of Technology  

Curriculum Committee Member (CUKO)

Technische Universität  Graz

Kloser   Katharina    FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Sciences  International Coordination
Kresse   Adelheid    Medical University of Graz  Chairman of the Curricula Commission 
Human Medicine
Manhal   Simone    Medical University of Graz  Head of the Office of the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching
Moser   Daniela    PH Steiermark -  University College of Teacher Education Styria  University Professor
Pleschberger      Ingrid    FH BFI Wien - University of Applied Sciences  Head of the International Office
Szondy   Katalin    FH St. Pölten GmbH - University of Applied Sciences  Specialist for program development
Vorbach   Stefan    Graz University of Technology  des. Vice Rector for Teaching
Werner   Eva    IMC FH Krems - University of Applied Sciences  Rector
Westphal   Elisabeth    Universities Austria  Consultant / research assistant
Yu   Josef    Medical University of Vienna  Austrian National Union of Students
Zimmer    Barbara    FH Wien der WKW - Univeristy of Applied Sciences  Head of the International Office CIEM


Subject area group 1.1

Joint Programmes



    Sabine Schindler UMIT - Private University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology

    Franz Kok University of Salzburg


Liaison Officer

    Victoria Tschiedl BMBWF - Departement IV/13 - ENIC NARIC AUSTRIA


Behrens     Astrid     University of Applied Arts Vienna     International Office
D'Assisi   Daniel     Management Center Innsbruck     Outgoing Coordinator - Technology
Edlinger   Sabine     Medical University of Innsbruck     IRO
Hahn   Brigitte     Danube University Krems     Quality Management and Teaching Development
Handler   Aline     FH Burgenland - University of Applied Sciences     deputy economic officer
Kaup   Gerd     University of Graz     Teaching and study services
Kernegger      Bernhard       University of Applied Arts Vienna     Study Affairs, University and Quality Development
Kok   Franz     University of Salzburg     Staff Scientist
Krawagna   Ulrike     University of Graz     International Relations Office
Moser   Peter     Montanuniversität Leoben     Vice Rector for International Affairs
Caldéron-Peter   Margarita     University of Natural Resources 
and Applied Life Sciences Vienna
     Head of the Center for International Relations (ZIB)
Schindler   Sabine     UMIT Tirol - The Tyrolean Private University     Rector
Shovakar   Nadine     Universities Austria     Consultant / research assistant       
Strasser   Thomas     PH Wien - University College of Teacher Education     Vice Rector for Teaching, Research and International Affairs 
Tschiedl   Victoria     BMBWF     Liaison Officer
Weber   Maria E.     Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance (AQA)      Division Management
Zierer              Brigitta     FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Sciences     Department Head Social Work


Subject area group 2

Staff mobility - teachers



    Birgit Hernády FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences

    Christian Meyer University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

    Ulrike Sych University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna


Liaison Officer

    Regina Schandl BMBWF - Departement IV/11

AuerCarolin   Medical University of  GrazHead of Research Management      
BaumgartenStephanie   Academy of Fine Arts ViennaInternational Office      
EckerstorferElisabeth   University of Applied Sciences
for Health Professions Upper Austria
Site management physiotherapy      
GütlChristian   Graz University of Technology       
HeinemannAkos   Medical University of GrazChairman of the Study Commission for Doctoral Studies      
HernádyBirgit   FH JOANNEUM - University of 
Applied Sciences
Head of Division - International Relations      
Hofmann-WellenhofIrene   University of Music and Performing Arts GrazHead of the Department for International Relations      
KarlBeatrix   PH Steiermark - University College of Teacher Education StyriaVice Rector      
KasparRobert   Private University Schloss SeeburgAssistant Professor for Sport Management & ERASMUS Coordinator      
KastellizDietlinde   Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance (AQA) Division Management      
PiroltRichard   KPH Wien/Krems - University College
of Teacher Education
International Office      
ReininghausPeter   FH JOANNEUM - University of 
Applied Sciences
Head of Human Resources and Legal Affairs; Authorized Signatory      
RiegerTeresa   FH Salzburg - University of Applied SciencesHead of the International Office      
RoitherMichael   FH Burgenland - University of 
Applied Sciences
Vice Rector for International Affairs, Bologna Coordinator      
RothSabine   mdw - University of Music and
Performing Arts, Vienna
Erasmus+ Coordinator for Program Countries / STA Coordinator      
SchachnerMaximilian   IMC FH Krems - University of Applied
Deputy Head - International Relations      
SchandlRegina   BMBWFLiaison Officer      
SteinerMelanie   PH Tirol - University College of Teacher
Education Tyrol
Head of the International Office      
Strauss-SieberthAlexandra   University of Natural Resources and
Applied Sciences Vienna (Boku)
E-Learning and Didactics      
SychUlrike   mdw - University of Music and
Performing Arts, Vienna


Subject area group 3

Staff mobility - general university staff



    Berta Leeb Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz

    Gerhard Volz National Agency Erasmus+ Higher Education Area, OeAD 

Liaison Officer

    Regina Schandl BMBWF - Departement IV/11


Aschauer            Paula  University of Graz   Personnel and Organizational Development    
Buhl         Bettina  IMC FH Krems - University of Applied SciencesEmployee Rectorate    
Cresnik         Christina     Montanuniversität Leoben Employee International Office    
Friedl         Maria  Graz University of Technology Referee    
Good         Barbara  FH Wien der WKW - University of Applied Sciences Head of International Affairs    
Göschl         Isabella  University of Innsbruck   Head of Human Resources Development    
Gullner         Barbara  PH Wien - University College of Teacher
Education Vienna
 Institute Management    
Leeb         Berta  Private PH der 
Diözese Linz - Private University College of Teacher
Vice Rector for Education and Internationality    
Meznik         Michael  AQ Austria   Project management    
Mingst         Alexander   Vienna University of Economics and Business Personnel development and Personnel planning    
Ramp         Bettina  


PH Steiermark - University College of Teacher Education Styria

 Rector's Office    





University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences Vienna (Boku)

 Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Coordinator    
Schandl           Regina  BMBWF   Liaison Officer    





mdw - University of Music and
Performing Arts, Vienna



Head of Center for Continuing Education / Human Resources Development

Taucher            Julia  University of Graz  Welcome Center    
Volz                   Gerhard  NA Erasmus+   Management - University Division    


Subject area group 4

Non-traditional and innovative mobility formats



    Elisabeth Brunner-Sobanski FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Sciences

    Sabine Prem Graz University of Technology

Liaison Officer

    Michael Gruber BMBWF - Departement IV/9


     Elisabeth   FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Sciences                             Head of the International Office
Eschenbach     Sebastian   FH Wien der WKW - University of Applied Sciences                           

Head of Department

Business Information Systems

     Elisabeth   AQ Austria                                    Project Management
Göschl     Georg   


University of Graz


                                  International Relations Office
Gruber     Michael   BMBWF                                     Liaison Officer
Gruber     Christoph   FH Burgenland - University of Applied Sciences                            Student BA Social Work, Chair HV, Collegium
Hönlinger     Clara   HTU Wien                                    HTU-Chair Team
Köck     Johannes   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna                                Institute for the Artistic Teaching 
Kriz     Agnes   FH Technikum Wien - University of Applied Sciences                           Head of the International Office
Lichtmannegger     Rudolf   Austrian Chamber of Commerce                               Referent, Higher Education and Science Policy
Lothaller     Harald   University of Music and Performing Arts Graz                           Director of the Study Center
Mörtl     Heidrun   Medical University of  Graz                                Head of the International Office
Öhlinger     Sylvia   University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria                          Director of University Development, Head of R&D, Head of College
Permoser     Gabriele   FH St. Pölten GmbH - University of Applied Sciences                           Specialist responsible for university innovation
Prem     Sabine   Graz University of Technology                                Head of the service unit International Relations and Mobility Programs
Psonder     Tanja   FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences                            International Coordinator, Lecturer
Rabitsch     Petra   University of Graz                                  International Relations Office
Schrei     Thomas   KPH Wien/Krems - University College of Teacher Education                         Head of the International Office
Schwarzl     Robert   Graz University of Technology                                Second vice-chairman of the HochschülerInnenschaft, student senate member
Tasser     Barbara   University of Innsbruck                                 Head of International Services
Vogl     Heiko   PH Steiermark - University College of Teacher Education                          Institute for Diversity and International Affairs Deputy Director of the Institute, Coordination International Affairs, Coordination Erasmus Outgoings
Zemann     Andreas   Vienna University of Technology                               Head of the International Office
Zlabinger     Gerhard   Medical University of  Vienna                                Curriculum Director Human Medicine


Subject area group 5

Mobility promotion for underrepresented student groups



    Andreas Zehetner FH Upper Austria - University of Applied Sciences

    Sebastian Höft Federal Representation of the Austrian National Union of University Students

Liaison Officer

    Helga Posset BMBWF - Departement IV/14

    Anna Wöckinger BMBWF - Departement IV/14


Blüml      Frances  AQ Austria          Project Management
Dirnberger    Margit  National Agency Erasmus+ Education   

Programme Officer 

University Mobility

Gössl    Martin  FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences    Lecturer (FH) at the studiy program Social work
Grabher-Wusche    Angelika  Institute for Advanced Studies    University Researcher
Hinterleitner    Christine  Johannes Kepler University Linz    Foreign office management
Höft    Sebastian  Austrian Students Union   Education Policy Unit
Hörmann    Jürgen  FH St. Pölten GmbH - University of Applied Sciences   Head of the International Office
Levc    Barbara  University of Graz       Center for Integrated Studies (in personal union with PH)
Mayr    Peter  University of Salzburg      Head of the Office for International Relations
Mitic    Ana  Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt   Erasmus+ Programme Manager
Österbauer    Julia  National Agency Erasmus+ Edcuation     Programme Officer 
University Mobility
Posch    Magdalena  Austrian Students Union at the MCI   Chairwoman of the university representation
Posset    Helga  BMBWF       Liaison Officer
Raab    Christina  


University of Innsbruck


      Bologna Representative
Zehetner    Andreas  FH Upper Austria- University of Applied Sciences    Vice-President International Relations


Subject area group 6

Quality management and quality assurance of measures for the internationalisation of studies and teaching incl. mobility

originally quality assurance



    Eva Werner IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

    Lukas Hefner Vienna University of Economics and Business

Liaison Officer

    Andreas Neuhold BMBWF - Departement IV/7


Birke           Barbara  AQ Austria         Division Management
Donlic        Jasmin  Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt         University Assistant/Coordinator for International Relations
Eichelberger        Marlies  FH des 
BFI Wien GmbH - University of Applied Sciences
         Program development and Quality Management
Feucht        Gudrun  Industrial association         Deputy Head of Education & Society
Gaberscik        Gerald  Graz University of Technology         Quality Manager
Grassauer        Christa  University of Graz         International Relations Office
Hefner        Lukas  Vienna University of Economics and Business          Management Center for Study Abroad
Janser-Munro        Gerhild  FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences         Lecturer
Kitzmantl        Daniela  Students' Union Med Vienna (ÖH Med Wien)         Bipol referent
Krall        Karin  University of Vienna         Head of Student Mobility
Linhofer        Susanne  PH Steiermark - University College of Teacher Education Styria         Institute Management "Institute for Diversity and International Affairs"
Metzler        Julius  Sigmund Freud University Vienna         Head of Career Center SFU
Michalke        Franz  University of Vienna         International Office, Team Leader University Cooperations & Educational Projects
Miller        James  FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences         International Coordinator at the Institute of Health and Tourism Management
Neuhold        Andreas  BMBWF         Liaison Officer
Nigg        Rosmarie  Vienna University of Technology         Expert Internationalization
Pauzenberger        Claudia  Management Center Innsbruck         International Relations
Piovesan        Lukas  University of Innsbruck         Erasmus Students Network (ESN) and student representatives
Rafili        Noureddine  FH Kufstein Tirol - University of Applied Sciences         Head of International Relations Office
        Gabriele  Academy of Fine Arts Vienna         Head of the International Office
Saurwein        Leena  Management Center Innsbruck         Associate Head International Relations
Scheer        Lisa  University of Graz         Teaching and study service and Coordination Office for Gender Studies and Equality
Schober        Ursula  University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna         Head of Office for International Relations
Sohm        Kurt  Technikum Wien  - University of Applied Sciences         Quality assurance management
Trink        Andrea  FH Burgenland - University of Applied Sciences         

Head of Quality Management  

and International Affairs

Werner        Eva  IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems         Rector
Zojer        Angelika  Erasmus+ Higher Education         Programme Officer